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Sunday Hospitality Menus

Sunday afternoons are an ideal time to have people over, right? We've already blocked the day off for church and rest, and, coincidentally, so have many of our friends and family. But, being a day of rest and all, and since we're gone all morning and into the early afternoon, preparing food has it's challenges. Also, we have a potluck lunch at our church every Sunday, so usually nobody needs a huge dinner in the evening. I decided recently that I needed to write down a list of sample menus for Sunday hospitality so that I didn't have to start from square one every time. And, since I just recently started this blog, and it's on my mind, I figured I might as well post the list, and maybe update it as I go along. So here are some of my ideas:

Menus for Sunday Entertaining

For a late afternoon repast, when you have some time to prepare:

Pre-marinated Chicken on kebabs with whatever grillable vegetables you likeBread, home made or artisan, served with jam or maybe a balsa…

Storey Family Reunion

Just a few more pictures – my dad got some great ones!What could go wrong?