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Happy 6th Birthday Monica!

Corn dogs, chips, popcorn and oranges for a birthday party lunch. Monica’s first wardrobe change of the day. We borrowed the Shaw’s stash of dress-up again this year.

The beautiful cake made by Aunt Abigail. I think she really outdid herself this year! Little Violet enjoyed the dress up and the party.

Ella and Stella play with ponies!

I love Monica’s expression: disbelief at her good fortune, I think! She was equally happy about the cake and about being the first-time owner of a Barbie doll.

Since we couldn’t quite get a picture of Monica blowing out her candles, we had her do a re-do shot. I think maybe she is not going to be an actress. Note her second wardrobe change: Cinderella.

The Fairy Cake in all it’s glory!

Good friends: Monica, Stella, and Margo

Old friends: Kylee and Monica!

Friends New and Old: Ella, Addy, and Kylee

Stella, Margo, Owen, and his mom.

Opening presents:

One of the big brothers of the attendees, Tyler.

Such riches!

Margo drew her a card by herself – it was ve…