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Necessity is the Mother of... Internet Recipe #?

I made a new recipe this evening for dinner, and it was generally well received!  Here's the original: Italian Chicken Pasta Salad

But I seldom have on hand exactly what a new recipe calls for, so here's what I ended up substituting:

For the cucumber - nothing, sadly I have no cucumber, currently.
For the cherry tomatoes - chopped normal-sized tomatoes.
For the salami - sliced pepperoni slices.
For the roasted red pepper - 3 small roasted sweet peppers leftover from a batch I made last week.
For the elbow macaroni - a new lentil pasta I found at Costco. 20 grams of protein/serving!
For the Nicoise olives - black olives.
For the red onion - nothing. I don't like raw onion.
And finally, for the fancy cheese - shredded mozzarella.

Basically, I had part of a rotisserie chicken left over from a post-Costco run lunch yesterday and I wanted to use more of that lentil pasta. Thanks to Google, for enabling me to enter shredded rotisserie chicken pasta salad, and come up with a do-a…