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Hawaii or Bust!

To celebrate our fifteenth anniversary some more we went to Hawaii in November right before Thanksgiving! It was much anticipated - we planned who would have the kids about 11 months ahead of time and I kept a countdown on my whiteboard for at least 25 days ahead of time.. But at last the arrangements were made, the kids were transferred, the bags were packed and we were on the plane! We flew to Honolulu and caught a smaller plan to the Big Island, flying into Hilo on the east side. We enjoyed our stay at the Volcano House for two nights, right in the Volcano National Park, then traveled to the Kona side and stayed at a resort on the Kohala Coast for 4 nights.

We sure enjoyed ourselves - it was a refreshing change of pace from our normal hectic schedules and we really enjoyed the time with just the two of us. We are very thankful to our friends and family who made it possible by watching our kids for us while we were away! You really blessed us. :-)

Phinehas' First Soccer Season

We figured it was time that something was about Phinehas... Usually he is the forgotten child - not one of the "big boys", not one of "the girls," not exactly the middle child, but he might as well be because the middle child was also the first girl, which is sort of its own special spot. Anyway, he wanted to play soccer, so here he is:

He wasn't exactly a soccer star, but he was the fastest kid on the team. It's possible that he was extremely proud of this fact.... and if you should happen to refer to him as "The Flash," he would beam in a quite un-Phinehas-like fashion.