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Sick As A Dog

Ezra was exclaiming how lucky Judah has been to stay home from school for so many days because, "almost every time I'm at school, he gets to watch TV."I replied, "Yeah... but on the other hand, he's been sick as a dog."Ezra, always fast on the uptake, "It depends if the dog is sick or not."Yes, yes, it does, I suppose.Judah has been sick for 8 days - missed school 6 days in a row! But he should be headed back tomorrow, just taking it easy, I hope. You can tell he's not himself - he's still not eating much and the child is not only moving slowly,  and reading all the time, but he is QUIET. Yes,  I know, it is hard to imagine, but it is true! Hopefully he won't be sick as a dog for much longer!

Goings On

Monica with her handmade (by her) braided headband:A craft which required NO preparation, and which I could practically do in my sleep. Perfect!A Sunday afternoon stroll with the kids. Winter in the Willamette Valley people. On days like that you wonder why anybody lives anywhere else! Ezra’s birthday card for his dad, in February:The text:you’r the best Dad Ever because1. you give us treats2. you take us to school3. you take us home from choir4. your realy nice to us and I think that’s all. It’s not exactly, “Thank you dad for leading us in the way of righteousness” but it’s definitely sincere.And finally a few candid shots of Elena enjoying her new favorite place: outdoors!