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Internet recipes of Particular Interest

If you read it on the internet, it must be true, right?

Following are some recipes I have personally tried recently, with a quick review.

Sourdough pancakes
If you have a sourdough starter that you sometimes feed then forget to use, this us a quick way to use up 2+ cups, at least! One batch would feed my five kids, if I added eggs to the menu for breakfast. Maybe double it if you have big eaters of the teenage boy variety?  I think the consistency is kind of like buttermilk pancakes. They're not earth shattering, but kinda fun.

Sausage, potato and spinach soup
The sausage adds so much flavor, and the spinach makes it seem healthy. It's especially good to make you if have an older child to help chop up the potatoes!

Super quick and easy salsa chicken
I love Mexican flavoring and this recipe is a great way to add a lot of flavor to basic baked chicken. Easy + flavorful is really what thrills me in day-to-day fare.

Valentine's for Grandma - 4 years ago...

Facebook informed me that my mother received these from my kids 4 years ago. Sweet memory.

(My) Real Life Menu

For the sake of giving other people a reason to feel good about themselves, here's a rundown of my dinner menu last week:

Monday: Supposed to be pork stir-fry, but it turned into Pork Fajitas - which in my kitchen just means that I stir-fried with taco seasoning, rather than soy sauce! Served with tortillas and whatever taco-type fixings we had.

Tuesday: Had "Freezer Meal" on the calendar and what I pulled out was Keilbasa with Potatoes and Peppers. Not a really huge hit the first time, and not any more this time, but not despised. They like German Potato Salad better, which is the same thing with different seasonings and without the peppers. :-)

Wednesday: The menu said Baked Chicken, Rice, and Salad, but with piano lessons and and friends over in the afternoon it turned into Leftover Smorgasbord, which included leftover fried rice from Saturday's takeout dinner, leftover Keilbasa with Potatoes and Peppers, and asparagus for a vegetable. (Funny story: I only made a …


I decided if I couldn't write a post, at least I'd post pictures from January. These were all from my phone, and it became apparent, as I scrolled through them, that I need to take more pictures of the boys!