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Since my husband is a tax accountant, the first half of October is usually pretty quiet for us, in terms of extra-curricular activities. For instance, the kids got Columbus Day off of school, but it was two days before the big deadline (October 15) for Michael, so we ended up celebrating the day off by cleaning house in the morning then meeting friends at a park on an exceptionally beautiful fall day. It was great, actually, just pretty low-key.

Really, the weather this fall was pretty unbelievable until a couple weeks ago. Now it is very believable. Though today it hasn't rained yet and I even went outside and did some yard tidying. And stuck a shovel through an underground sprinkler hose. I was digging some manure into the soil where I hope to plant squash next year. They're going to pretty expensive squash. Assuming they grow at all. Which is a big assumption, given my gardening history! ALTHOUGH, we did end up with about 13 squash from an acorn squash we planted in an unus…