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For me and my chicks

Focaccia/Cheese bread Hybrid Made with, baked in and drizzled with olive oil.  Yes, it is pretty good, if you don't mind me saying so myself.  :)

Silver Linings!

Judah is doing SO much better than in my last post! He spiked a fever every day for 11 days, but finally, one day, he didn't! He started to eat again and slowly regained his normal level of energy and, yes, noise. I'm so thankful! 
While he was sick he watched a lot of tv, BUT he also read an unusual amount and the silver lining in that cloud of sickness seems to be that he is much more of a reader since his illness than he was before! Now I'm actually running into that problem that I've heard other people sometimes have with their heavy-reading children,  "Mom,  I have nothing to read!"