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Our Trip East to the Old West

When we decided to go to Yellowstone with the Shaws, I didn't realize it was this iconic family vacation experience we were sharing with hordes of other people. But as we prepared for the trip and talked to people about it, and especially after we returned and people asked, "what have you been doing this summer," and I told them, "We went to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons," and they said, "Oh, we did that last summer," I realized that indeed, this was not an idea original to us. Kind of like how most people have been to a summer camp as a youth, or been to BBQs at parks - a Yellowstone vacation is just part of the American Family Experience.

We spent the first night at my parents' house in Tri-Cities, then the second night in a hotel in Spokane, having a plentiful dinner of pasta salad and watermelon with my sister Katy in the Waterfront Park across the river. The kids enjoyed the hotel pool. I got a fever and chills at my parents' house, a…