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Fun during tax season!


Basketball 2017

All three of the older kids did basketball with the home school HOOPS league this winter! Judah and Ezra were on the same team and did really well. At the end of the final game, with the seconds ticking down, Judah shot a basket that won the game - so he was happy! Ezra was one of the two point guards, which, apparently for basketball people, is impressive. He practiced a lot and his ball handling skills are great! I look forward to seeing how they do next year! 
Monica enjoyed having spiffy basketball clothes and seeing her friends a little more often. Although she never got to the point where she really knew what was going on on the court, she certainly tried to follow directions and pay attention to the coach. There was some consternation and talk of quitting mid-season, but she pulled through and by the end was determined to try again next year! Good for her!