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Elena Turns Four!

Our baby turned four this summer! Hard to believe she's so old! Since Phinehas went off to school full time, it seemed like she might need something else to do while her siblings were all gone every morning, so she goes to preschool one day a week and gets to do preschool crafts, songs, and learning somewhere else (where somebody else cleans up). She loves doing "Circle Time" with Mommy, too, though it seems like less of a circle, and more of a line. (two points, get it?) We love her bunches and she is very well taken care of by her big siblings. It's possible that she's a little spoiled, but probably not too badly. Unlike some of her siblings, she seems to entertain herself quietly quite easily and when we are home together in the mornings I have to stop and make myself do things with her, because she's not very demanding. Would've been a perfect youngest sibling in a homeschooling scenario, I imagine. *sigh* One of her siblings taught her how to write …

Sunriver or Bust!

We arranged a weekend vacation with Michael's family and my parents to Sunriver, OR, August 5-8, 2016. We rented two vacation homes within easy walking distance and the cousins ate junk food and had pine cone wars and threw the football and frisbee. On Saturday we made a few expeditions, notably to the Lava River Cave and the SHARC rec center. On Monday, we tried out the activities at the Village on our way out of town. Nobody got hurt and nobody got sick, and our family had a great time! I'm starting to really get into this whole "vacation" thing. 
I did an acceptable job packing the kids and the other stuff, but completely flubbed my own packing - I forgot my swimming suit and other essentials! I had to go buy some clothes, including a swimming suit that wasn't really what I wanted and was "highway robbery" expensive - after all, what you gonna do when you're at a resort with a cool water center and you're half an hour away from a Target, and…

Crazy House - July!

We introduced the kids to Chariots of Fire to mixed reviews - but even they couldn't resist the music..

Fifteen Years!

I can't believe it's been fifteen years! Praise God for his bountiful blessings to us. We celebrated our anniversary by going to the Cavalia circus horse show on our actual anniversary, thanks to my mom and dad coming through on their way back from the coast and offering too watch the kids so we could stay out late.  The show was pretty amazing! I especially enjoyed the acrobats. The horses were beautiful and majestic, of course, but I know relatively little of what goes into training them - but the feats of the acrobats are just incredible and I'm plenty familiar with the normal limits of the human body.  We had a lovely time!