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Wallowa Lake Adventure

In July, we went to Wallowa Lake with my parents and sister. I had been expecting a hot vacation in the middle of a cool, rainy Western Oregon summer, but instead we got rained on in Wallowa Lake after a month of hot dry weather at home! But we still had a lot of fun!

Dad and Michael took the three older kids fishing. Unforunately they were out doing that during a couple of cloudbursts. Monica did catch one fish, though. Yeah. We're not really a successful fishing family.  I'm not sure Dad enjoyed cleaning the fish while everybody else ran for the van, but he suffered cheerfully. Mom, Katy, Elena and I went to Joseph while they were out in the rain and had coffee, went shopping, and ate lunch. It's a hard-knock-life, right? ;-)

Also, we drove go-karts, took a tram to the top of a mountain, had fresh enormous order-ahead-of-time donuts, went mini-golfing, and even attended a folk-music concert at a historic theatre in Enterprise. What more could you ask!