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The Great Cross Country Race

On December 14 this year, Monica and Phinehas were involved in the production of The Great Cross Country Race, a retelling of The Tortoise and the Hare, put on by their school. They had about 4.5 lines between the two of them, but their scene was considered to be one of the more entertaining ones, so that was gratifying. A play seems to be rather like a wedding - tons of time and money for a relatively short period of end-goal activity! But they made good memories and learned some skills, and everybody but Elena ended up being involved in the final production. Judah helped with child-wrangling and Ezra with lights and sound during the performance. 

A Family Thanksgiving

As a friend told me this fall, "the first time I hosted the entire family for Thanksgiving, I felt like I'd finally become an adult." Well, I've arrived, I guess! We hosted my family for Thanksgiving this year at our house, including my parents, my three siblings and the ten children they brought with them! There were 26 people at dinner! My dad got some lovely pictures. 

School Days are Here Again!

Well, here we are again at the beginning of the school year! I remembered to get a picture of the kids on their first day, but I forgot to have them set down their bags, take off their backpacks, etc. So it has historical accuracy, but no staging, I'm afraid. Unfortunately, most of my kids are opposed to having their picture taken. The older boys are in a state or resignation, Judah even smiles, because he tries to be a nice young man. Monica, the most photogenic, is always willing to have her picture taken. Elena is shy when she feels put on the spot. Phinehas has his customary picture-taking scowl (somewhat leavened by the excitement he's was undoubtedly feeling about his first day in 3rd grade). So here are my 9th grader (First Year of Highschool!), 8th grader, 5th grader, 3rd grader and 1st grader! 

Since going to school is old-hat to all of the others, I was mostly concerned with Elena's first day of school experience. She was very excited to go, but she is rather sh…

The Theatre, the Theatre .. the OSF Theatre in Ashland

Our Trip To Ashland, OR in July

We've been wanting to take our kids to see some plays in Ashland, OR for several years but this year we finally made the leap! We were scheduled to see Love's Labor's Lost in the outdoor Allen Elizabethan Theatre, Henry V in the Thomas Theater and Othello in the Bowman Theatre, but we only made it to the last two. Sadly, the first one was cancelled due to the wildfire smoke in the area, that was kind of off the charts and unhealthy to breathe - and there's no way to filter it out in an outdoor theater! Still, we had a pretty good time, and the kids enjoyed Henry V, which ended up being the only one they saw. It was a good one, though, and in a theater that is so small that anywhere you sit you are only yards away from the performers. My parents and my sister, Katy, and her significant other, Ryan, joined us for the adventure. 

Family Camp 2018

Family Camp Photos
These are my photos from my phone: 

These (much better) photos are from my dad. I wanted to put them first, but Blogger overruled me. Ah well. 

Necessity is the Mother of... Internet Recipe #?

I made a new recipe this evening for dinner, and it was generally well received!  Here's the original: Italian Chicken Pasta Salad

But I seldom have on hand exactly what a new recipe calls for, so here's what I ended up substituting:

For the cucumber - nothing, sadly I have no cucumber, currently.
For the cherry tomatoes - chopped normal-sized tomatoes.
For the salami - sliced pepperoni slices.
For the roasted red pepper - 3 small roasted sweet peppers leftover from a batch I made last week.
For the elbow macaroni - a new lentil pasta I found at Costco. 20 grams of protein/serving!
For the Nicoise olives - black olives.
For the red onion - nothing. I don't like raw onion.
And finally, for the fancy cheese - shredded mozzarella.

Basically, I had part of a rotisserie chicken left over from a post-Costco run lunch yesterday and I wanted to use more of that lentil pasta. Thanks to Google, for enabling me to enter shredded rotisserie chicken pasta salad, and come up with a do-a…

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