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Happy Valentine's Day!

We enjoy taking a day to reflect on and enjoy our relationships every year. It's good to have the reminder to do so, especially during tax season. This year's Valentine's Day went better even than usual, a function of the kids getting older, I suspect. Although, we did have an Ash Wednesday service that same day - so it was a rather odd juxtaposition of somber reflection and romantic sentimentality. :-)

Memories in the making

Judah, Ezra and Phinehas are all doing HOOPS basketball this year. And boy was Phinehas excited - he kept telling me how many days, and then how many hours, until his next practice! That enthusiasm was dampened somewhat when they lost their first game, but all to the good, that's what sports are for, right? His fires haven't gone out too much though, and this is what I saw this afternoon.

Makes my heart happy. 💜