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Family Camp 2016

Family Camp was great again this year! The weather wasn't too rainy and nobody got sick at camp! Everybody got sick right after camp with long lasting coughs, but nobody got sick AT camp, so I call that a win, right? For free day we went on a hike down to a beach, and then off to Cannon Beach for lunch and a visit to Bruce's Candy Kitchen. Zane stayed with us in our cabin this year - like Judah and Ezra, we hardly saw him! Family Camp is much, much easier once your youngest is potty-trained, I must say! The four older kids just ran wild and we'd check in on them at meals. Elena still stayed with one of us most of the time, though we were able to send her off with her big brothers or Monica a few times. I had been thinking that, with Judah being twelve and able to to babysit for us, that this was the year we'd be able to go out in the evenings after putting the kids to bed. Much to my dismay, I discovered that Judah and Ezra both preferred to stay out in the evenings a…

Fun With Cousins!

Summer has started, it's time for squirt guns!