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Happy New Year!

We celebrated New Year's Eve by freezing our posterior's off at the Oregon Zoo with the Shaws! We got to see the new elephant habitat, ate dinner on-site, then walked around to enjoy the Zoolights. Yours truly forgot the entire backpack full of cold-weather necessities, such as hats, scarves and, most importantly, gloves. It was sitting right next to the door when we got back home. I believe last year we went to the zoo for New Year's Day and I felt so proud of myself for bringing gloves and scarves for everyone. *sigh* Still, those who were warm (mostly the men-folk) had a great time, and those that were cold survived. I let Judah take pictures with my phone and some of these are his. 

After the zoo we went home to our house and watched the new Mission Impossible movie with our friends and toasted the new year with some bubbly. So fun!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2015 Dear Friends and Family, We hope this holiday season finds you well and happy and rejoicing in the birth of our Savior! If you’ve wondered what we were up to lately, you are in luck! I have your answer right here! January - The month started off with an overnight for Michael and Elly in Salem after a family wedding, kicked into high gear with the kids back to school after the holidays and saw the beginning of "The Great Rearranging" of the kids’ bedrooms.
February - February should've made me shiver, but instead it was a winner. Sunshine on my doorstep, the kids were all outdoors, yep. (To the tune of American Pie)
March - The Zoo and OMSI and downtown Portland. Monica saw Cinderella with a fun aunt and got to go on a field trip to the Portland aquarium. Friends from Richland visited.
April - Judah(11) to San Francisco with Michael's parents, Elly to her parents' with other kids during spring break. Tax season over and celebratory trip to Seaside and Ast…

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