Merry Christmas!

Another parent-less Christmas picture...

Christmas 2015
Dear Friends and Family,
We hope this holiday season finds you well and happy and rejoicing in the birth of our Savior! If you’ve wondered what we were up to lately, you are in luck! I have your answer right here!
January - The month started off with an overnight for Michael and Elly in Salem after a family wedding, kicked into high gear with the kids back to school after the holidays and saw the beginning of "The Great Rearranging" of the kids’ bedrooms.
February - February should've made me shiver, but instead it was a winner. Sunshine on my doorstep, the kids were all outdoors, yep. (To the tune of American Pie)
March - The Zoo and OMSI and downtown Portland. Monica saw Cinderella with a fun aunt and got to go on a field trip to the Portland aquarium. Friends from Richland visited.
April - Judah(11) to San Francisco with Michael's parents, Elly to her parents' with other kids during spring break. Tax season over and celebratory trip to Seaside and Astoria with friends!
May - Phinehas turned FIVE, Monica turned SEVEN, Michael and Elly went to Las Vegas, again. Judah and Ezra's end-of-year program was smashing, featuring songs from Annie and Newsies.
June - This year's Family Camp was rather unexpectedly fabulous: we've never had such good weather and nobody got sick. Nobody.
July - The dry, hot weather continued, except when we went to Wallowa Lake on vacation with Elly's parents - then it poured! We still enjoyed go-karts, mini-golf and a tram ride!
August – Big excitement here with an outdoor wedding reception for Michael’s brother, Sam. We celebrated our 14th Anniversary at The Bite of Oregon. Elena turned "free!" (THREE)
September – Judah attended Future Men’s Camp. School began for Judah, Ezra AND Monica! Big adventure to Orcas Island with extended family then Ezra turned TEN!
October – A busy at-home month - during which it felt like we were never at home! Elly relished going away without kids to the first ever RCC Women’s Retreat.
November - Some fun sleepovers for the kids, then Thanksgiving break to relax and enjoy before the holiday rush.
December - Judah turns TWELVE! Eek! Then Christmas cards, decorating, baking and Christmas programs for school and church are on the forecast. A time to rejoice in all of our blessings!
As always, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from your friends,

Michael, Elly, Judah, Ezra, Phinehas and Elena 


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