Elena Turns Four!

Our baby turned four this summer! Hard to believe she's so old! Since Phinehas went off to school full time, it seemed like she might need something else to do while her siblings were all gone every morning, so she goes to preschool one day a week and gets to do preschool crafts, songs, and learning somewhere else (where somebody else cleans up). She loves doing "Circle Time" with Mommy, too, though it seems like less of a circle, and more of a line. (two points, get it?) We love her bunches and she is very well taken care of by her big siblings. It's possible that she's a little spoiled, but probably not too badly. Unlike some of her siblings, she seems to entertain herself quietly quite easily and when we are home together in the mornings I have to stop and make myself do things with her, because she's not very demanding. Would've been a perfect youngest sibling in a homeschooling scenario, I imagine. *sigh* One of her siblings taught her how to write her name the other day, and she is amazingly good at copying letters and shapes on paper. She loves to write letters, though the idea of their sounds doesn't seem to be coming quite so easily. It's easy to see that she's having a totally different upbringing than her older siblings, even though we had our children relatively close together. Funny how life works, huh? 

Elena's main desire was for "girl legos - the big ones"

Both grandmother's complied. :-)

She was also pleased with this "Princess Elena of Avalon" look-alike costume from Costco.

Another beautiful cake from Aunt Abigail!


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