Sunriver or Bust!

We arranged a weekend vacation with Michael's family and my parents to Sunriver, OR, August 5-8, 2016. We rented two vacation homes within easy walking distance and the cousins ate junk food and had pine cone wars and threw the football and frisbee. On Saturday we made a few expeditions, notably to the Lava River Cave and the SHARC rec center. On Monday, we tried out the activities at the Village on our way out of town. Nobody got hurt and nobody got sick, and our family had a great time! I'm starting to really get into this whole "vacation" thing. 

I did an acceptable job packing the kids and the other stuff, but completely flubbed my own packing - I forgot my swimming suit and other essentials! I had to go buy some clothes, including a swimming suit that wasn't really what I wanted and was "highway robbery" expensive - after all, what you gonna do when you're at a resort with a cool water center and you're half an hour away from a Target, and you have no swimming suit?! Now I have 3 - the one I had planned on bringing, the one I bought in SunRiver, and the really cute, pre-ordered one that arrived on our front porch while we were gone.  *sigh*

My Dad, mining engineer, pointing out features of the lava tube's ceiling.

Riding home from the Lava tube hike.

The Lazy River at the SHARC center was charming, though pretty cold the last day we went.

Or maybe "charming" isn't quite the right word...

Phinehas was too cold. Poor guy just doesn't have a blubber layer to keep him warm..

Extra root beer to bring home. Oh joy!

Full of confidence about the rock climb wall!

Bouncy house fun at The Village

Ezra tried the "reverse bungy jumping." He loved it!

Phinehas started out with great confidence and excitement!

Alas, at this point he looked down. He didn't make it any further. :-( Oh well.


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