(My) Real Life Menu

For the sake of giving other people a reason to feel good about themselves, here's a rundown of my dinner menu last week:

Monday: Supposed to be pork stir-fry, but it turned into Pork Fajitas - which in my kitchen just means that I stir-fried with taco seasoning, rather than soy sauce! Served with tortillas and whatever taco-type fixings we had.

Tuesday: Had "Freezer Meal" on the calendar and what I pulled out was Keilbasa with Potatoes and Peppers. Not a really huge hit the first time, and not any more this time, but not despised. They like German Potato Salad better, which is the same thing with different seasonings and without the peppers. :-)

Wednesday: The menu said Baked Chicken, Rice, and Salad, but with piano lessons and and friends over in the afternoon it turned into Leftover Smorgasbord, which included leftover fried rice from Saturday's takeout dinner, leftover Keilbasa with Potatoes and Peppers, and asparagus for a vegetable. (Funny story: I only made a small amount of asparagus - half for me, half for the 5 kids. Apparently they like asparagus and said so, but by Saturday, when I made the rest of it to share with my lady friends at a play-date, I had forgotten this fact and again thought that none of them liked it! Already my memory is going!)

Thursday: The menu said, "CG (Community Group) Barbecue" and that is actually what happened. Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and salad for all! This was a hit.

Friday: The menu said, "Pizza" which I fully intended to make. Then, when I was at Costco that afternoon I thought, "why don't I just buy a Costco pizza?" Then I ended up seeing some spinach ravioli that I thought I had a coupon for and bought that instead. Turns out the coupon didn't start until.. well.. today. But I was at the checkout with no pizza and with ravioli, so we just went with that. Everybody except Phinehas was very excited, though, and my myfitnesspal app informed me that the entree was high in Vitamin A, so all to the good, right?!

Saturday: "leftover pizza" was on the menu! But we'd had no pizza, so again, I had to improvise. This time I used two (!) remaining sirloin pork chops leftover from Monday's dinner and pan-broiled them. There were seven people, so I also made a large number of baked potatoes and a spinach salad. Nobody went to bed hungry, so, success!

Note: whether it's mentioned or not, we ALWAYS have a vegetable of some sort  with dinner, so please insert some fabulous, incredibly edible, child-friendly vegetable with each of the above entries. Then substitute spinach salad or frozen broccoli, steamed.

Elena, helping saute onions


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