Sick As A Dog

Ezra was exclaiming how lucky Judah has been to stay home from school for so many days because, "almost every time I'm at school, he gets to watch TV."

I replied, "Yeah... but on the other hand, he's been sick as a dog."

Ezra, always fast on the uptake, "It depends if the dog is sick or not."

Yes, yes, it does, I suppose.

Judah has been sick for 8 days - missed school 6 days in a row! But he should be headed back tomorrow, just taking it easy, I hope. You can tell he's not himself - he's still not eating much and the child is not only moving slowly,  and reading all the time, but he is QUIET. Yes,  I know, it is hard to imagine, but it is true! Hopefully he won't be sick as a dog for much longer!


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