A change is as good as a rest?

I never used to understand why parents were so eager for their kids to go back to school after the holidays. When I was homeschooling my boys, starting back to school just meant more work for me. Yes, the return to routine was nice, but it was balanced out by all the extra work. Personally I find it easier to keep kids occupied at non-school activities than to home school them. Now that my kids are actually IN a school, I begin to understand. Because while keeping kids occupied on break is easier than home schooling then, it is not easier than taking them somewhere else and having other people keep them productively occupied for part of the day!
At least, that is what I was thinking last week. Now that I'm getting up earlier to get the boys to school and spending a couple of hours in the afternoon supervising their homework while trying to keep the littler kids happy and occupied and maybe even start dinner - the more I realize that whole "it will be easier when the kids are back in school" idea was merely an optical illusion.
Still, man was made for work, and I'm glad we are back to it. The change in routines for the Holidays was good, but it is nice to be back to "normal."


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