Party, Party, Party!

The fact that I have almost no posts in December just goes to show how busy the month was! We drove home from my parents house after Thanksgiving and realized that we had to get a tree that evening or we weren't going to be able to get it for over a couple of weeks, due to events, activities and Michael being out of town for 4 days during the first week of December. So we drove in, unloaded the car, and Michael and the boys drove back down the hill to the nearest tree lot, picked out a tree, brought it up, set it up and there it was.

The middle of the month was party, party, party, with 3 parties at our house in five days!  Judah had two birthday parties, and we hosted our Community Group's Christmas party. This was in addition to three Christmas parties elsewhere! It was a very busy time, and I felt like I was running a marathon! But isn't that the norm for Christmas time?

Family Birthday Party:

 Friends' Birthday Party - a pizza and a movie night, with a healthy dose of Capture the Flag in the dark:

We spent Christmas with Michael's family this year and it was very pleasant! Lots and lots of gift opening, eating, and sitting around visiting. I snuck out for a walk during the visiting time and it didn't rain! I think we all had a very pleasant Christmas.

For New Year's Eve we attended a wedding! It was a family wedding - a cousin of Michael's got married south of Salem. Since the wedding started at bedtime, we didn't want to bring our kids, and since it was New Year's Eve we didn't want to drive home late with all of those.. ahem.. intoxicated folk, so we were able to arrange an overnight babysitter and spend the night at a hotel in Salem! That was very satisfactory. :-)

So many things to celebrate, so little time! ;-)


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