By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea!

Tax season ended promptly on April 15, as it does most years (unless April 15 is on a holiday or weekend). Hooray! To celebrate, we took a day off of school and headed to the beach on Thursday afternoon. We stayed in Seaside, but spent an afternoon in Astoria.

An old fashioned arcade in Astoria had a special treat for Doctor Who fans!

Judah enjoys roughhousing with his younger siblings!

Phinehas rides in a bumper car on "The Boardwalk" in Seaside!

Vacation madness caught us and we rented 6-seaters to drive around Seaside. What a blast!

Michael said he had to keep telling himself, "It's cheaper than Disneyland.."

Elena enjoyed playing in the sand.

Phinehas and I built a sand castle!

Phinehas tried to help Ella shoot a toy bow and arrow.

After attending church in Seaside, we had a picnic lunch in the shelter of a dune by the beach.


Carousel ride in the little Seaside mall.

Phinehas loved flying a glider off the Astoria Column!
Elly and Monica
Elena and her Daddy

Ella, Kylee, Monica, Judah and Ezra
Doctor Who?

Roasting marshmallows is fun!
Ezra is getting a little less photogenic..
Phinehas loved the marshmallows, too.
Joanna enjoyed distributing marshmallows?

P.S. I don't know why these pictures ended up so blurry!


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