Good Memories

The Swing

How do you like to go up in a swing,
   Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
   Ever a child can do!

Up in the air and over the wall,
   Till I can see so wide,
Rivers and trees and cattle and all
   Over the countryside—

Till I look down on the garden green,
   Down on the roof so brown—
Up in the air I go flying again,
   Up in the air and down!
Source: A Child's Garden of Verses (1999)

I'm posting this for my Grandma Mildred, who would have been 96 today. She loved to challenge her grandchildren's minds and relished the time that she spent with them. Most of her grandkids remember her pushing us on her porch swing and saying this poem. I teach it to my children, and hopefully they'll teach it to theirs.

Grandma with Judah

Ezra and Grandma


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