The Big Five-Year-Old!

Phinehas turned five this year, which he is very proud of in the way that little kids are always proud of turning a year older - as if they did it themselves, on purpose. I told the kids that we were NOT going to do a huge kids birthday party for every birthday this year. But I figured I had to do one for Phinehas' fifth birthday... and Ezra is turning 10 this year, which is a big one, too... So instead of having 3 big birthday parties as we did last year, we'll only have 2. Phew. But having birthday parties is getting easier as all of the kids get older and because we've developed a routine - corn dog lunch, play, open presents, play, cake and ice-cream, play.

Because most of Phinehas' friends have siblings who are my older kids' friends, I just invited the child and their mother and siblings. So we ended up having 28 people over! It was a little crazy, but very rewarding. My friend, Joanna, stayed afterward and helped me clean up and then we sat and visited on the back porch for an hour or two - so even I got some quality friend time! (i.e. not when 20+ children are running around playing and needing things)
Phinehas was pretty delighted with everything!
Notice the spiffy Batman utility belt.

Phinhas and I made a special trip to the Dollar Store to pick out decorations for his party.

This wasn't at Phienhas' kids party, but at the May bithdays family party we had on May 24. Grandma Valerie got him a scooter and it is much beloved.


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