Family Camp 2015

Family Camp was unexpectedly great this year. I say "unexpectedly" because last year it rained half of the week and then we got the stomach flu. Unfortunately, this wasn't too unusual, although last year was especially ugly toward the end. I say "great" because this year was the opposite: the weather was amazing and NOBODY got sick!

Except for Elena, the kids were all old enough to be allowed some measure of freedom. Even Phinehas was frequently seen madly pedaling his little bicycle back and forth between the cabins of the trees and the cabins of the meadow or playing in the gym or on the playground. I was even able to assign one of the older boys to babysit Elena for an hour so I could go play mini-golf with a couple of friends - amazing! Monica and Phinehas and Elena really enjoyed the little kids campfire every evening. Judah and Ezra were able to participate in numerous activities: the track meet, the basketball round robin tournament, and the sandcastle contest come to mind. Michael's goal for the week was to get to bed by 10 every single night - which he actually almost achieved. As a result, I got to bed earlier and we were much better rested during and after camp. What an idea!

All of these pictures were taken by my dad. Good to have a photographer in the family! Thanks, Dad!
At Ecola State Park on "Free Day." 

Singing along at the Kid's Campfire

Also singing at the campfire!
Grandma Rachel explaining how sea anemones work!

Trekking out to Hanstack Rock

One of my dad's best shots - Judah playing basketball!

Ezra won most of the races in his age category! (he was one of the oldest kids)

Phinehas was having so much fun watching the sand castle contest...


  1. Glad you weren't sick and it was wonderful this year! Will possibly join next year. It's such a blessing to have a photographer in the family, I love it! :)


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