Other Happenings... in the Month of May

Getting ready for the Minecraft Party

Throwing rocks in the Willamette during Judah's braces installation. Monica was "home sick." Hmm.

My Mother's Day Present - Pretty gardening clogs!

Phinehas in a new shirt he got for his birthday at the April-May-June Family Birthday party we hosted on May 22. This was taken at the toddler park across the street from our library.

Ezra's new professional haircut! He loves putting product in his hair... Should I be worried?

From Ezra's poster board he made about the country of Laos.

Japan: Why Judah would like to visit. 

Getting ready for the long-awaited Pilgrim Play that the first and second graders performed at school on May 27th. They did great!

Loaded for bear at a birthday party dart gun war for their friend Tyler. It was held in the fellowship hall at our church. Such an inspired idea and they sure enjoyed it! 

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