Catching Up on Birthdays

It is a truth universally acknowledged that someone who posts blog posts less than monthly might as well not be blogging at all. *sigh* Nevertheless, I press on. I use this blog as my scrapbooking process, and without it, there will be no scrapbook, and hence, no record. 

So, to catch up on birthdays from this year:

Elena turned 5 in August! Our baby is five! We actually had a small family celebration the day of her birthday, complete with some candles stuck into a Costco muffin, and the pictures were sweet. However, a young man of the family was messing around with my phone, and those pictures are gone for good, a feat that seems nearly impossible in the day and age, but there you are. At the end of August, we celebrated a joint birthday party for Elena and her cousin Elinor, who was celebrating her first birthday. 

It was a "unicorn" themed party..
Snuggles with Grandma Valerie
Little Elinor had gotten the hang of opening presents by now.

Daddies planting candles.

About a month later, Ezra turned 12! He had spent the night at his friend David's house earlier in the month, for a birthday celebration, and when I picked him up the next day, he was raving about parakeets. He was desperate to have parakeets. We thought... why not? So after some research, and some craigslist searching, we went and picked up two parakeets from an online seller, and brought home... David and Rachel! 
Ezra's comment, when we returned home was, "Well, I guess I can never be bored again!"
Boredom - banished!

David the Parakeet's namesake

For his family celebration, we had similar gathering to Elena's - only this time it was Ezra and cousin Hugh sharing a birthday. He had 3 friends over to spend the night and watch Spiderman: Homecoming at home a few days before, but I don't think I have any pictures of that.
Opening presents!

Both Ezra and Elena requested poppy seed cakes for their birthday - a family favorite.


  1. This is great! I just stumbled upon it. So glad boredom has been banished!😉 Also, Carla Persling's poppy seed cake moves on as another generations favorite. 😊


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