Viva la Mexico!

In October, we took the opportunity of a firm-offered "boondoggle" to visit our neighboring country to the south. First stamp on our passports, for both of us! Michael had to spend a whole 3 hours a day in classes, but the rest of the time was, frankly, just for fun! Monica's teacher stayed with out kids while we were out of town (except for Elena who hung out with Grandma Valerie and Grandpa Howard for a few days). 

Our favorite dinner out - just the two of us at Rosa Mexicana in Punta Mita. Boy, that margarita was strong, but I remember that we had a really lovely time!

Guacamole and Pico de Gallo made table-side and so delicious!
We went for a walk and a golf-course attendant offered to take a picture... well, what can I say!

I added this to my bucket-list immediately so I could cross it off - "Coco-Loco on the beach, mid-morning"

Our "authentic" Mexican excursion where Michael learned to grind corn to make tortillas like a good Mexican wife. (I tried it to, but that picture is on Michael's camera...)

Gratuitous selfie

Beautiful little old church in Sayulita.

Pretty nice place... they were doing a photo shoot with a drone and everything when I took this picture.


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