Family Camp 2014

Family Camp came and went - a little faster this time, it turns out!

Boy, was the weather fabulous the first three days! We went to the beach Monday afternoon to enjoy the sun. The sun was out, but so was the wind, so it was a rather hair-and-sand-blowing-in-the-face experience, but the kids had so much fun playing in the sand and the water. The Oregon Coast is the only coast I know, so I never think of the ocean as a place where you swim. But we were sitting with someone who had grown up going to the Florida coast, and apparently you can actually swim in the water there. Imagine.

 See, this is how you dress for the Oregon Coast on a nice day:

I have a confession to make: we ONLY went to the beach on Monday. The other two sunny afternoons we spent boating on the lake or playing in the sand in the volleyball court, or just running around playing with friends (that is, that's what the kids did. I never did any of those things..)

There's a surprisingly huge waterfall south of Tillamook that we "hiked" up to see on Wednesday, Free Day. (1/4 mile walk, actually. We weren't sure if Elena was going to be able to go on this "hike" but when we got there and saw a lady pushing a walker back down the path, we decided it was probably easy enough)

 He looks just like his dad did when I met him:

 Playing in the field

 Some resources I want to look up for child rearing from one of the evening break out sessions.
 Playing in the playground was a big hit for Phinehas and Elena especially this year!

 Judah took part in the basketball clinic for his age group, but when someone bailed in the middle of the game, they called Ezra in to sub.

Elena paid close attention to all of the talks:

 Apparently Judah just happened to be near the kitchen when they were looking for someone to eat up the leftover tatertots and bacon. He was happy to share with his baby sister.

But alas, The reason Family Camp was faster this year was because it was shorter: for us. The stomach flu was going around and it got to us on Thursday night. Only Judah and Ezra, but we were afraid that the others wouldn't be far behind. Dealing with vomiting toddlers is never fun, but even less so in a one room cabin with poor ventilation and only one toilet. So we beat a fast retreat Friday morning. We missed Talent Night, much to the kids' and my disappointment. As it turns out, Phinehas didn't get sick until Sunday, and the rest of us had it by Tuesday morning: so we could have stayed. But we were so glad to be home and sleeping in our own beds, that I didn't particularly regret missing the last day. I think we had a pretty good time anyway, judging from the level of exhaustion exhibited by the kids on the way home!


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