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My mom and dad came over a few weeks ago to attend a wedding and my dad got a nice picture of the kids before church on Sunday morning! Nice to have a photographer in the family. :-)

The other day I saw a bunch of tissues on the floor and exclaimed, "Who got out all those Kleenex? Did you do that, Elena?" She promptly replied, "O-hay! I not do it again!"

Earlier this week I was cleaning up the kitchen (perpetually) and I heard Ezra abruptly command Phinehas: "Phinehas! Put some of this on!" as he handed him a container of Vaseline. I didn't realize that Ezra was a self appointed monitor of Phinehas' lip skin quality. But I guess it's good to have a big brother looking out for you?

And to prove that Phinehas is not always scowling:


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