Fun Friday!

A couple weeks ago, I took the kids to downtown Portland after school to meet Michael for lunch. He came down and met us outside his building and we walked to Pioneer Square and ate sandwiches and popcorn and celery there. Oh, and some Korean dumplings from The Dump Truck, which just happened to be in the square. Yumm! It was nice to see him during the day and good for the kids to have some time with him, too!


After lunch we went to OMSI and explored for a couple of hours. The kids enjoyed the new Mazes section and the Science Playground, especially. We have a membership this year, which makes it so one can go to OMSI without feeling like one has to spend all day there to get your money’s worth. I realize that this isn’t how everybody thinks, but for me at least, it’s nice to have the option of a short and leisurely visit, rather than a whirlwind, “let’s make sure we don’t miss anything in the next 4 hours” tour. We can look at the stuff we missed next time! It was a fun afternoon out - and nice to be at the point where it was actually fun for me, too!
Cutest little germ, ever!
A little tall for the kids' maze?
Phinehas had a great time, too - lots of smiles!


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