Portland Aquarium

The beauty of having your kids go to a school that is largely run by friends and family is that when a field trip comes up that your older kids are NOT going to, you still get invited to participate. That's why Monica was able to go to the Portland Aquarium with the K-2 grades earlier this week! She dressed for the occasion in her school clothes I've been accumulating for when she joins the school next school year. 

Examining creatures in the tide pools. Two fingers only, please!

Slightly horrified by the parakeet poopiing on someone.

She tells me she loved this.

My sister-in-law watched Phinehas and Elena, so I was just able to watch the field trip without trying to keep track of the little ones at the same time. A nice break in the routine! And so great for Monica to be able to go on a field trip that I didn't have to organize!! 


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