January 2017

January flew by, though there were times when there was snow on the ground and it seemed like it might never end. My kids had five consecutive snow days! Five! I realize that in other parts of the country, even as close as Tri-Cities, Washington, that our brief travail with snow and ice was laughable, but we Portland, Oregon residents just aren't equipped to deal with it. We did buy a snow shovel, that finally came. Too late, of course. 
It's a new year and time for fresh paint! Judah and Ezra painted Judah's room together, with a lot of assistance from mom. We're happy with the results, but don't look too closely. 
The three older kids started HOOPS this month. This is Monica's first season, and she enjoys it a lot without really understanding it at all. 

Open house at school with the kids' art on display. 

Taking my last little preschooler to the zoo. She loves the elephants. 

The older boys requested tater-tot-casserole and Phinehas helped make it. It was a blast from the past - I don't think Monica even remembered it. 

Getting ready to watch football!

See?! Snow!

And snowmen!

And snow... angels?

Ezra was the fun big brother that helped the little ones make a snow man. Unfortunately, someone stole his nose. And pushed him over. But snow men never last long anyway.

Trampolines can be fun in the snow, too..
Phinehas and I have been doing a lot of reading together lately - he finished his first 20 real books and we've ordered him a Bible!

Getting ready to leave the zoo.


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