Quick Treat

It was rather bright. 

I got inspired earlier this week with the purchase of a package of English muffins. Using the muffins and a Costco precooked breakfast sausage patty and an egg, I made myself a delicious breakfast sandwich. Since the kids would probably like one, too, I considered making them for lunch, but with a burst of energy and ingenuity I made them right before I left for pick-up, wrapped them separately in foil and brought them their own "fast food" breakfast sandwiches for... well, for lunch! Shocked by their good fortune, they were  very appreciative and the quick stop at Clackamette Park to observe the mildly flooding river was very welcome, as well. 

See the tree trunk in the water?!

I even brought a piece of old bread to feed the seagulls!

The activity was a hit!

You really have to take advantage of those beautiful days, in Oregon!


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