Mexican Chicken, er, Turkey Soup

I roasted a turkey a couple of weeks ago - which as you all know is a huge, messy, time consuming job that yields LOTS of turkey, and a turkey carcass. So I found myself with turkey carcass stock and turkey and of course one must make soup, right? But the normal turkey noodle, turkey vegetable or turkey soup with rice themes weren't appealing to my appetite, so I looked around and stumbled on Mexican Chicken Soup - which I of course made with turkey instead. I LOVE it, and just made it for the second time tonight (lots of leftover turkey in the freezer, remember?!). I don't think I'll ever make traditional turkey soup again! :-) Only Phinehas doesn't like it, and even Elena snarfed it all down. Hooray for south of the border variations!

I'll include a gratuitous daily life photo, just for the sake of the flipcard format. :-)


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